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Solos From Monte Carlo Solos From Monte Carlo

Filmed on location in Monte Carlo features our BDSS tribal dancers Rachel Brice and Sharon Kihara each performing two solos plus Bozenka, Sonia, Petite Jamilla, Saida, Amar Gamal, Adore and Jillina - AS WELL AS MUSICIANS: Issam Houshan and Nabil Khalidi All Regions NTSC


DVD-BDSS-3D23D Superstars Vol 2 Bellydance Superstars in 3D Vol 2

Filmed in a 3D studio in Los Angeles features our BDSS tribal stars Moria, Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, and Samantha as well as Stefanya, Sonia, Petite Jamilla, Adore, Nathalie and Sabah Running time: 42 mins All Regions NTSC


DVD-3D-13D Superstars Vol 1 3D Superstars Vol 1

The first 3D DVD released by any dance company features solos filmed in studio with our BDSS tribal dancers: Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Samantha Fox, and Moria plus bellydancers Sonia, Sabah, Nathalie, Stefanya, Adore and Petite Jamilla Running time 52 minutes All Regions NTSC


Tribal Superstars Tribal Superstars

Tribal Superstars features the best tracks from Rachel Brice, Sharon Kihara, Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Moria Chappell, Samantha, Mardi Love, Sabrina Fox, Urban Tribal and Fat Chance Bellydance from Vol 1 and 2 PLUS 90 minutes of bonus footage including interviews with Zoe, Carolena Mericcio, Kami, Moria, Sabrina etc.



Indian Tribal Fusion Bellydance: Modern Fusion and Classical Temple with Kami Liddle & Moria Chappell bringing together two very different dances from India. Incorporating both Bhangra as well as the ancient Odissi Indian temple dance to be used in the context of the tribal style so popularized by the BDSS all over the world.



Sharon Kihara welcomes you to the world of Tribal Fusion Style Bellydance, a beautiful, expressive and stamina-building art form. With her first long awaited and popularly demanded instructional DVD, she presents to you a fun and invigorating take on learning to move with strength, grace, and power. With practice and patience, the exercises in "Tribal Fusion Bellydance with Sharon Kihara: Technique and Conditioning" can help you increase your strength, flexibility and overall muscular control, and contribute to a lifelong healthy dance practice. WHAT'S INSIDE -Yoga Stretch and Tone for the Whole Body -Leg, Hip, and Thigh Warm Up and Conditioning -Abdominal Toning for Core Strength and Silky Undulations -Glut Conditioning for Strong, Precise Hips and Locks -Comprehensive Drills for Shoulders, Chest, Torso, Hipwork and Shimmies -An Original Choreography Created Just For You A Yoga or Pilates mat is recommended. Please remember to warm up with fifteen minutes of a cardiovascular activity before beginning your dance practice. Let your own body be your guide, stay aware of how you feel, and let yourself build stamina gradually. BONUS FEATURES INCLUDE -Special Performance by Sharon Kihara -An Interview with Sharon Kihara -Gratitude and Inspirations



This practice was designed to be used in conjunction with your regular dance practice to increase strength, flexibility, and the illusion of bonelessness in the upper body. THE PRACTICE HAS 6 PARTS: -Gentle stretching to relax and prepare the body for movement -Dance movement preparation to strengthen the legs. -An intense shoulder series with both strengthening and stretching segments to prepare for serpentine arm movements. -Carriage and arm undulations and pathways. -A short combination to illustrate the use of arms in dance and with torso movement and layering. -Finishing poses to relax the spine and prepare you to re-enter your day. You will need a sticky mat and an armless chair or folded blanket. Over time, and with consistency and care, your strength and flexibility in the shoulders and upper back will greatly improve. BONUS FEATURES -Performance -Rachel Brice interviews Miles Copeland



"TRIBAL FUSION BELLY DANCE - Yoga, Isolations and Drills: A Practice Companion with Rachel Brice" will help dance students, regardless of level, to achieve strong and effortless dance movement. You will be given tools that can be incorporated into your daily practice that, if done regularly, will bring flexibility and strong posture to your dancing. The DVD begins with a short Yoga practice to warm up the body and strengthen your core to prepare you for belly dance drills. These include: ribcage circles, basic hip and abdominal locks, 3/4 shimmy preparation, undulations down and up, hip circles, May and Taxim. We conclude with a chapter on Yoga for flexibility, which will open the body and make Belly Dance movements clean and concise. This practice companion is useful for dancers at all levels, as it completely and safely prepares the body for many of the basic movements in Bellydance, and was designed to be used every day. The DVD can be viewed with or without instruction. Whether you have 15, 30, or 45 minutes to practice, this DVD can assist you in having a consistent and long-term commitment to your dancing. Rachel Brice has been studying Yoga and Belly Dance since the age of 17. After 7 years of practice, she began teaching Yoga in 1996. Also in 1996, she became a Certified Massage Therapist, and was a Chiropractic Assistant for 3 years. She dedicates this work to her dance teachers and mentors, Carolena Nericcio, and Suhaila Salimpour. Introduction by Carolena Nericcio, creator of American Tribal Style Belly Dance.



This unique DVD features your favorite tribal performers live, offering a voyeur's witness to the conduit of intensity and playfulness accomplished only via the stage. Evocative and innovative, watch a milieu of today's most sought-after performers redefine the sacred feminine archetype via their modern and edgy use of choreography, costume design, and musical interpretation. As offshoots of an American born celebration of an ancient dance, these women capture the essence of a fascination that lies within the juxtaposition of old/new, fierce/feminine, experimental/traditional, familiar/unexpected, that is beautiful and strange. From coin belts to bustle skirts, become inspired by the most sought-after teachers and performers leading, defining, and inspiring this growing canvas of tribal artistry. With: Zoe Jakes, Kami Liddle, Samantha, Moria Chappell, Elizabeth Strong, Sharon Kihara, Sonia and Colleen, FatChanceBellyDance, and Urban Tribal



This DVD features four of the most sought-after instructors teaching today. MORIA's section consists of squats, power yoga, and glut isolations with a touch of layering. Meant to be practiced every day, her 20-minute warm-up and conditioning will train the dancer to open and strengthen the muscles most crucial to isolations and control in bellydance. Finger Cymbals are a fundamental tool for your Tribal Style repertoire. Once mastered, they will aid timing in dance movement and provide impact in performance settings. SAMANTHA has designed this practice with one goal in mind, to get you moving and playing right away, using this approach will help avoid frustration later! Repetition and patience is key to mastering this tool. In her section, SHERRI covers fundamentals of basic floorwork. She begins with a quick warm-up incorporating a very strong emphasis on conditioning and strength training specific to floorwork. Sherri then moves on to techniques to transition to the floor followed by breaking down movements on the floor. Among the fundamentals covered are body waves, backbends, and traveling movements such as berber walks. Sherri incorporates these movements into a combination after which she concludes this portion with a simple cooldown. KAMI LIDDLE teaches a brief introduction to locks, covering basic technique and movements. The movements introduced are then put together into two short combinations. SPECIAL FEATURES -A 1-hour presentation on how to assemble Tribal costuming as well as makeup application -A special Dance Solo from each dancer!



Fascination with the young, experimental and mutable bellydance style known as Tribal Fusion has attracted global intrigue and admiration. Tribal Fusion Bellydance emphasizes muscular execution of fundamental bellydance movement poured through with Flamenco posturing, Avant-garde style, fantasy ethnic adornment, supported by San Francisco and modern beats. The innovators and teachers of this unique global phenomenon converge to display their latest trends, proclivities, and current fascinations. From pop-locking, to duets, to Moulin Rouge solos, become a part of this youthful and ancient dance form that can be all things to all dancers. Featuring world-renowned Zoe Jakes, Sharon Kihara, Kami Liddle, Moria Chappell, Samantha, FatChanceBellyDance, Elizabeth Strong, Urban Tribal, and Sonia & Colleen, this DVD offers a glimpse into the creativity and pageantry that inspires the leaders of this dance form today.


DVD-BDSS-T1TRIBAL FUSIONS: The exotic Art of Tribal Bellydance TRIBAL FUSIONS: The Exotic Art of Tribal Bellydance

The Bellydance Superstars have, in the space of several years, performed almost 900 concerts in 23 countries to over 1.5 million people and more than 80 television shows to over 150 million viewers. Their DVDs and CDs are bestsellers, and workshops are typically sellouts and in high demand. All in all, things are good for the world's only full-time, professional Bellydance troupe. The Bellydance Superstars line of DVDs have consistently delivered top quality product to the growing dance form's audience. Bellydance is a dance where passions run high as do opinions as to what bellydance is and isn't. There are the traditionalists who worship all things Egyptian. The Egyptian influence remains strong, even in the variations now loosely termed "cabaret" bellydance. Learned bloggers offer dissertations across the internet as to the differences between "Turkish style" or "Lebanese style" but to the average person they all remain within the loose definition of cabaret. Meanwhile, a whole new strain - and indeed division - of the dance is represented by the "Tribal" style. Originating in San Francisco, it incorporates gypsy, flamenco, and other folk dances into the bellydance arena, to result in a darker alter-ego. Heavy tribal jewelry bereft of any sparkle, tattoos, dark coarse fabric in complete contrast to the sparkle and femininity of the cabaret style. Tribal itself now has many off-shoots and practitioners often feel compelled to describe themselves as "Tribal Fusion". As this underground phenomenon continues to grow in popularity, the Bellydance Superstars are pleased to present "Tribal Fusions". BONUS FEATURES: -Dancer's Cut of the entire program -Bonus CD featuring Pentaphobe and Beats Antique -Interview Footage "Tribal Fusions" features the top Tribal bellydancers in the world at the top of their form. Dancers include: Rachel Brice Sharon Kihara Mardi Love Zoe Jakes Moria Chappell Samantha Hasthorpe Urban Tribal Dusty Paik Kami Liddle Sabrina Fox



Zoe Jakes is known for her strong technique, drill sergeant-style workshops, and her ability to break down each movement for greater understanding by students of any level. This practice companion was developed with that in mind, and is for the dancer looking to excel at their technique. It is formatted with dancers of all levels in mind, going from basic movement to layering and hitting all levels in between, with a workshop style teaching setting. Students have the option of following along with Zoe's thorough explanation, or may go ahead to the drilling section, where each movement is drilled continuously with no stopping (no need to hit rewind!). So if you are feeling stuck and need a practice companion to help you reach that next level in your dance, this is for you!!! Also Features: Hannah Trimbath, Michaella Manning, Calamity Sam, Khani Zulu, Monica Fernandez, and Heather Shoopman Features a special performance by Zoe Jakes!



In this DVD, Zoe demonstrates how the dancer can interpret the rhythm several ways, with fluid movement or sharp percussive accents, using hits, pops, locks, and her trademark spins. Zoe starts the student off with a warm-up she uses regularly in her classes, and integrates drills specifically meant to get the student comfortable with her movement base. In the Drum Solo section, Issam begins with an explanation of the rhythm he is playing, as Zoe will break down - with her clear and concise instruction - unique combinations, sometimes adding explanations as to why she chose that particular movement. Whether you are just learning tribal style, or have mastered the art, this DVD will give you valuable insight as to new moves and approach to the style. Zoe Jakes has been teaching her own take on tribal bellydance for 6 years and is one of the most highly sought-after instructors working today. Issam Houshan is one of the greatest tabla players of all time. His skills and techniques are unmatched. As a master player from Damascus, Syria, Issam has played for master singers and dancers such as Cheb Mami, Ragheb Alama, Samara, and Haweda Al Hashem. Issam was a feature drummer for Sting on his "Desert Rose" tour. Features a Special performance by Zoe