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Working very much in conjunction with the recording division, the publishing company places a great emphasis on promoting songs to the film, TV and advertising world as a major source of both promotion and income for its songs and writers. In addition, the company hosts an annual songwriter event at a 14th Century Castle, Chateau Marouatte, in the South of France sponsored by ASCAP where writers come together for collaborative writing sessions. Artists such as Keith Urban, Jon Bon Jovi, Ellie Goulding, Mika, Cher, Carol King as well as the top songwriters working have come to this retreat. Songs written at the retreat has generated over 30 Million sales.At the last Castle retreat the number 1 Country song “Something Bad” was written there by Chris Destefano,Brett James and Priscilla Renea and performed by Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood.

The company has an extensive catalogue of Middle Eastern music and East/West fusions that are popular with the bellydance and dance world in general. The company is active in increasing its catalogue of music suitable for dance in genres from Flamenco, Tango, Irish Dance to Bellydance. Unlike major publishing companies that focus primarily on "hits," Bugle Songs looks to the more creative and eclectic music from around the world that may not find easy access into the North American market through traditional means. This has encouraged film directors and music supervisors looking for unique songs to use the company as a great resource for unique music requirements. We have had music placements is such Films/TV Shows as: Babel, Black Hawk Down, Wall Street, Dancing With The Stars, National Geographic, True Blood, to name a few. Having recently signed an administration deal with Bicycle Music Group Publishing, we are actively pursuing new copyrights.

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